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Bookmark This Page Which Shows Top Trending Twitter Hashtags and Topics in Worldwide, . This is Not Official or Affiliated by Twitter but Fetches Data From Official Api. In every Specific Time Interval It Updates Trending Topics and Hashtags Over Worldwide, Which are at Trends Now Automatically. It Helps to Show Data What's Trending on Twitter Today's and Direct You can Visit that Tweet Page by Clicking on Link. It Also Shows Today's Trending Topic and Hashtag Counts (How Much Time its Posted on Twitter). You can Also Copy Data or Download Trending Hashtags and Topics in Worldwide,

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When People Posts the Same Keyword or Retweet Too Much on Twitter then It Puts that Keyword or Hashtag in Trends Category. It also Compare Between Other Recent Trending Hashtags on Twitter and Put in Order with Real Time Tweets Counting. It Shows Whats is Too Much Discussion Going on Social Media in Current Time by People. Another Thing, The Algorithm Created by Twitter is Very Smart Which Compare Both Counts and Time Taken to Generate Tweets Volume then Based on Gives Rank.