Pakistan, Pakistan twitter trending hashtags now in real time

More than 3.40 million users uses twitter from 242 million total population in pakistan and twitter reaches their ads upto 2% pakistan population. This users tweets 24 hours * 7 hours and some top 50 is listed here.

Tweets and retweets makes the hashtags trending on pakistan twitter. This also indicates trending topics in country or worldwide.

This tweets topics may be political , new songs , movies , supporting , boycott or any. Its depend on number of tweets every seconds.

To know whats trending in pakistan then checking twitter trending hashtags is the best way to know and real. Visiting the trend hashtags on twitter shows latest tweets written by users.

Twitter comes on 5th position in pakistan according to most used social media platform. Below is the list of top 5 twitter trends, top 10 twitter trends in pakistan.

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Note: Every 10 minutes Data Refreshed.

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