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Oman is south western asia arabian country of 5 million population and almost 4 million peoples actives on social media. From 1 million actives on twitter which 20% population on oman uses twitter.

Twitter ads reaches upto 16% of total population. After facebook and youtube, Twitter takes the 3rd position on most using social media platform.

This indicates how twitter loved by oman peoples and actives on social media. This users trends topics in oman country on twitter by more and more tweet or retweets.

More than half million tweets daily tweeted on twitter in oman country by users. Daily new trending hashtags and topics placed in oman country. Here is the list of top 5 , top 10 twitter trends in oman.

Here is the list of latest twitter trends now in Oman, Hashtags and topics updated in real time.

Note: Every 10 minutes Data Refreshed.

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Oman twitter trends now -Top twitter trending hashtags & topics today

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